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Welcome to the internal-erosion mailing list.

This is a moderated discussion list for engineers and researchers studying the internal erosion process in soils: soil/water interface erosion and volume erosion (e.g. piping erosion, sinkholes, backward erosion, suffusion/suffosion, contact erosion, sand production, etc).

This can include experimental work (laboratory and field testing), constitutive and numerical modelling from the micro-scale (multi-physics & multi-scale, micromechanics) to the structure scale, artificial intelligence techniques (neural networks, case-based reasoning, risk analysis, etc), information technology (real-time instrumentation, monitoring, risk assessment, etc), case studies and histories (dams, dikes, levees, natural sites, etc).

This list is open to anyone interested in internal erosion.
Please regard the list as an informal forum for discussion of ideas and news.

This list was set up in 2007. We are currently 348 subscribers from more than 30 countries, including students, engineers and  researchers.

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