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2015 ANNUAL MEETING – Poland

ICOLD European Working Group on



29th Sept to 2nd Oct 2015 – Poland

With the support of the Polish Committee on Large Dams (POCOLD), the Polish Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (IMGW) is organising the XVI International Technical Conference on Dam Monitoring, in Krynica from the 29th September to the 2nd October 2015.

Brief information are available on website of Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (bookmark: news/conference):

This conference includes a session called Internal Erosion in Earth Structures.
The important dates are:
  15.04.2015 – registration and abstract submission
  15.05.2015 – paper submission
  31.05.2015 – final registration deadline
The deadlines are also stated in the first announcement available from mentioned website.
The program of the Conference will be available soon.
During the conference, Prof. Pawel Popielski (Warsaw University of Technology) and Dr Krzysztof Radzicki (Cracow University of Technology) will be the organizers of the EWGIE 2015 meeting.
One session is planned shared with the conference and several parallel sessions.
It is planned to issue a joint materials conference Dam Monitoring International Conference and EWGIE 2015 meeting.  
All participants (conferences and meetings) will be accommodated in the same place and it will be able to participate in all events.

The schedule of the EWGIE could be as follows :
– 29 Sept 2015 : morning : arrival
                          afternoon : Conference Session I Internal Erosion in Earth Structures.
– 30 Sept 2015 : morning : EWGIE meeting – session n°1
                          afternoon : EWGIE meeting – session n°2
– 1 Oct 2015 : morning : EWGIE meeting – session n°3
                       afternoon : EWGIE meeting – session n°4
– 2 oct 2015 : departure
The themes could be as follows :
   I.  Laboratory test and on site tests
   II. Theoretical and numerical modelling
   III.  Methods of inspection,  surveillance,  detection and monitoring
   IV. Engineering methods for risk assessment
   V. Structural repair,  strengthening and rehabilitation
   VI.  Case studies,  data bases of incidents and failures,  lessons learnt from incidents
In addition,  it would be desirable to have a brief report about each country’s current internal erosion-related activities.
We should be able to have a meeting room  of 50/60 people. This would allow us to present recent results, and also to welcome new colleagues.
The venue will be in a very beautiful place in the south of Poland, approximately 50 mi (80 km) south-east of the regional capital Kraków

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