Annual Meetings

The focus of the EWGIE is production of technical analytical methods which can be used by engineers to both assess the risk of internal erosion in existing earth structures, and for design of new structures. The presentations and attendees at the workshops are a mix of PhD output and work by practising engineers, most being the engineers for owners of major portfolios of dams.


2018, Milano, Italy

2017, Delft, The Netherlands

2015, Wierchomla, Poland

2013, Vienna, Austria

2012, Paris, France

2011, Brno, Czech Republic 

2010, Granada, Spain

2009, St Petersburg, Russia

2008, Obergurgl, Austria

2007, Freising, Germany

2007, Aix-les- Bains France

2006, Stockholm, Sweden

2005, Obernach, Germany

2005, Aussois, France

2004, Paris, France